Ultimaker S7: The Ultimate 3D Printing Experience

Ultimaker S7: The Ultimate 3D Printing Experience

The UltiMaker S7 builds on the award-winning S-series printers and includes new features such as an integrated air manager and a flexible print bed that take the devices’ usability and reliability to a new level.

UltiMaker a leading global manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, today announced the launch of the UltiMaker® S7 – the latest member of its best-selling S Series of 3D printers.

“Over 25,000 customers work with the UltiMaker S5 every day, making this award-winning device the most widely used professional 3D printer on the market,” said Nadav Goshen, CEO of UltiMaker. “We’ve incorporated everything that our customers love about the S5 into the new device and even improved it.” The UltiMaker S7 has a number of new features that ensure easy operation and reliable printing results. A new flexible print bed makes unloading the printed parts a breeze, and the integrated Air Manager filters out up to 95% of the ultrafine particles (UFP) generated during the printing process and improves temperature regulation. The S7 also offers an improved automatic print bed leveling, which ensures a secure adhesion of the first layer.

The material partner igus – which has set itself the goal of extending the service life of components with its plastics – was able to take a preview of the S7 and test the system. Niklas Eutebach, Development Engineer for Additive Manufacturing at igus, says: “We were able to see for ourselves how the S7’s new bed leveling system helps to print extremely precise parts with the right mechanical properties from our materials.

Thanks to the improved temperature regulation, users can make optimal use of the S7’s large build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm – with the highest level of accuracy from the first to the last layer. In addition, the flexible print bed facilitates part removal after printing, thereby reducing labor and freeing users time to focus on other tasks.

Luke Taylor, Marketing Manager at Polymaker (https://polymaker.com/) – a manufacturer of high-performance 3D printing materials – also had the opportunity to test the S7 with a real customer application: a carbon mold for a race car spoiler. “This is about the largest part you can print with the S7,” he says. “It has some sharp edges so it’s perfect for testing adhesion to the new flexplate and seeing how our CoPA material works with such a large part. The result was really great!”

Compatible with the UltiMaker ecosystem of more than 200 materials, the S7 offers seamless integration with the industry-leading UltiMaker Cura software, the widest selection of materials on the market, and support focused on customer success. “The UltiMaker ecosystem is the broadest in the industry,” said Taylor.

With the S7 Pro bundle, users can also connect the S7 to the Ultimaker Material Station in order to print up to six coils and with automatic material change and air humidity control.

“The Ultimaker S7 is a great addition to our S series,” says Goshen. “More and more customers are taking advantage of 3D printing today to expand and modernize their business. We want to offer you a complete solution with which you can achieve this goal. With the new S7, customers are ready for a few minutes. With our digital Factory software can effectively manage printers, users and data, improve your 3D printing knowledge with e-learning courses in the Ultimaker Academy and select the Ultimaker Cura Marketplace from hundreds of materials and plugins. ”

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Ultimaker is a worldwide leading company in the 3D printing industry with the mission to accelerate the introduction of additive manufacturing by providing a comprehensive desktop 3D printing ecosystem made of hardware, software and materials. Ultimaker combines two of the leading desktop 3D print stamps-Ultimaker and Makerbot-to improve the availability of accessible and user-friendly 3D printing solutions for each application and at the same time inspire the industry for a responsible and sustainable production

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