Top 10 Safest Airlines Of 2023: AirlineRatings Ranking

Top 10 Safest Airlines Of 2023: AirlineRatings Ranking

Here are the safest airlines in 2023 according to the latest ranking by Airline Ratings and Jacdec.

The last two years have been difficult for airlines due to the emergency from Covid-19.

However, there is good news: the safety of air travel has increased. First Airline Ratings and then Jacdec (German organization) have therefore published an updated ranking of the safest airlines in the world to 2023.

It will be especially useful for those who are afraid of flying but must do so for professional, tourist or family reasons. Knowing that the company chosen to leave is one of the safest will, at least in part, prevent the severe anxiety, fear and suffering before the journey.

Airline Ratings

The ranking of the safest airlines in the world 2023 by Airline Ratings came after the analysis of 385 carriers including low cost ones. For the ranking, various factors were taken into account such as accidents (both serious and not), the age of the fleet and safety standards.

Compared to the past, however, says Geoffrey Thomas who is the managing editor of Airline Ratings, airlines are much safer.

In first place of the safest carriers is Qantas, the Australian flag carrier. It is one of the oldest carriers in the world which has accumulated successful records both in terms of safety and innovation. Among the various technologies used are the aerial monitoring system, the automatic landing and the tracking system around the mountains.

In addition, Qantas also uses advanced technologies using satellite communications. This is for greater security.
In second place we find Air New Zealand which was in first place last year. It is the national airline of New Zealand which is based in Auckland.

In third position is Etihad Airways which is the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates based in Abu Dhabi. In fourth place is Qatar Airlines (Qatar flag carrier), Singapore Airlines (Singapore flag carrier) in fifth and Tap Air Portugal (Portugal flag carrier) in sixth.

In the week position there is Emirates (UAE national airline), in eighth position Alaska Airlines (based in SeaTac Washington), in ninth position Eva Air (private Taiwanese airline) and in tenth position Virgin Australia/Atlantic , Australia’s second largest airline.

Jacdec Ranking

In addition to the ranking of the safest airlines in the world by AirlineRatings there is also that of the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evolution Center which is a German organization based in Hamburg.

In first place in this other ranking is Eithad followed by Emirates, KLM (Holland), JetBlue (USA) and EasyJet (United Kingdom).

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