Police step in as van tries to ram Insulate Britain mob after they GLUE themselves to road

Police step in as van tries to ram Insulate Britain mob after they GLUE themselves to road

The Insulate Britain eco-protest group have continued their protest in the streets, this time in a road in central London. Frustrated drivers were seen exiting their vehicles to confront the eco group. One van driver began to slowly ram the protestors as they stood and sat in the middle of the road.

The police were then quick to intervene to force the driver to stop.

Police also struggled to remove some of the protestors as they glued themselves to the road.

One frustrated man engaged with one protestor and dragged her out of the path of the van.

The woman appeared to not resist but was replaced by another protestor in front of the man.

As the van began to drive forward, driving partially on the pavement, the protestor refused to move.

The police on the scene then stuck out their hands as they called on the driver to stop moving forward.

Other footage has begun emerging of the police’s interactions with the protestors.

Police attempted to remove the protestor’s hands from the road after they had glued themselves to it.

The eco-group are targetting rush-hour traffic this morning as protests resume after the “campaign of civil resistance” was paused earlier this month.

Police are said to have already made plans to respond to any new protests accordingly.

The group is calling for the Government to insulate all homes in the UK by 2030 to cut carbon emissions.

Several injunctions against the protesters have been granted by the High Court in recent weeks meaning anyone blocking roads could face a prison sentence.

A protestor said Insulate Britain’s call to insulate all UK homes was a “no brainer”.

Protester Tony Hill, 71, said he had travelled from near Kendal in Cumbria to join the protest.

He said: “I’m here today out of anger, fear and determination. The anger that my Government is failing the people of our country. The governments of the world are failing everyone. Everyone says we’re at the 11th hour but we’re at midnight and nothing substantial is being done by our Government and governments across the world.

“We’re saying insulate as many buildings as we can. It’s a no brainer. It’s something we can all do, it’s a solution.”