North Korea HORROR: Kim using re-education camps to test chemical weapons on Christians

North Korea HORROR: Kim using re-education camps to test chemical weapons on Christians

In North Korea, Christianity is banned, with the public forced to recognise Kim as God in the hermit state. Due to this, many Christians when discovered or even alleged believers are sent to forced camps likened to the treatment of Jewish people in Nazi Germany. Speaking to, Asia communications director for Christian charity Open Doors, Jan Vermeer, revealed the horrific treatment of Christian in North Korea.

He stated under Kim’s regime, if anyone is found to be of faith, they are sent to one of two different camps.

They are then subjected to either “re-education” or sickening biological and chemical weapon tests.

While at re-education camps, Christians are subject to harsh labour and forced to be indoctrinated into Kim’s regime.

However, if found to be of someone of strong faith or be a religious leader, Christians are sent to camps where they will never return.

Mr Vermeer told “If you’re a Christian leader in the country, or if it shows that you have very strong faith, that means that you will be sent to a political labour camp.

“That means there’s no re-education, there’s also no release.

“If you are lucky, you will be sent to re-education camp.

“Again, after five to 10 years, sometimes 20 years of good behaviour in re-education camp, you will be educated, and then they will release you but of course, there are gruesome circumstances in the camps.

“We have heard things like biological weapons and chemical weapon testing used on prisoners in revolutionary camps.”

According to Open Doors’ ranking, North Korea has been revealed as the worst persecutor of Christians in the world.

Of the 25.7 million people in the state, they estimate there are 300,000 Christians in North Korea.

From the 300,000 Christians, Open Doors estimates 50,000-70,000 are currently imprisoned in labour camps for their faith.

Due to the persecution of Christians, parents are forced to keep their faith secret from their own children.

Mr Vermeer stated the treatment in the camps can be likened to Nazi Germany, such are the poor conditions.

Mr Vermeer concluded: “It’s very similar to what happened in Nazi Germany.

“The only thing you know, in Nazi Germany, they sometimes killed people immediately because they had no value to them.

“Within North Korea, usually people tend to be forced to work for the government, and then they will just kill them at work or the work them to death.”

It is expected further attacks against Christians will occur over Christmas as many attempt to practise their faith.

Although it is hard to determine what happens within the hermit state, it is thought Kim is struggling to contain COVID-19.

Combined with devastating poverty in the country, North Korea’s economy has also ground to a halt.

A North Korea insider told the Radio Free Asia Project, only the capital has been exempt from a nationwide shutdown.

The added; “From the beginning of this month, all public transport networks linking the whole country were stopped under the direction of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party.

“Trains, buses, and private couriers were banned as part of measures to stop the coronavirus.

“Earlier this month, the Central Committee ordered residents of the city of Chongjin to stop using the roads.

“The authorities, which had been limiting the movement of residents to other areas of the country, are now blocking public transportation because of the virus.”