Norma Capital Launches European SCPI NCap Continent

Norma Capital Launches European SCPI NCap Continent

Norma Capital is developing its consumer offer and expanding its range with NCap Continent. This European SCPI targets buoyant tertiary markets, mainly offices, shops and business premises, in several European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Poland. NCap Continent targets diversified tertiary assets: offices, shops and business premises in countries where the investment market is very active.

NCap Continent Has Identified Markets

NCap Continent has identified markets, each with specific strengths and representing a market opportunity of 143 billion euros in the first countries targeted.

Thus, the United Kingdom, where the tertiary investment market today represents 63 billion euros, is the leader in ESG initiatives, while Germany (64 billion euros) can claim a central, strategic geographical position in Europe.

Spain, for its part, is experiencing a strong economic recovery (GDP up 5.1% in 2021) and benefits from an excellent infrastructure network and a highly diversified economy. Tertiary investment there has now reached 10 billion euros.

NCap Continent joins the other funds developed by Norma Capital. Like Vendôme Régions and Fair Invest, the new SCPI aims to deal with key themes and to be labeled SRI real estate with a planned distribution of ESG criteria of 40% for the environment, 30% for social issues and 30% for governance.

Investing in a European SCPI allows you to benefit from different taxation. The rental income of the SCPI NCap Continent comes mainly from foreign sources, they benefit from tax treaties allowing the elimination of double taxation. This allows the partners of the SCPI to exempt their land income and their capital gains from real estate sources from tax abroad.

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