Microsoft 365, Azure, GitHub, LinkedIn Outage

Microsoft 365, Azure, GitHub, LinkedIn Outage

Microsoft 365 users who experience issues with Teams, Outlook, or another service report a high number of incidents. Microsoft has already launched an investigation into the issues, the company said at 8:30 a.m.

Microsoft 365 services not working as well as normal today? This is then due to a major outage at Microsoft. Azure, GitHub, and LinkedIn are also experiencing issues.

Global Problem

The Downdetector website today received 3,900 Microsoft service reports from users in India and 900 from Japan. According to the website, the other main sources of problems seem to be Australia, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

This does not mean that problems cannot occur for Belgian users. We’ve seen brief reports of network issues with Outlook in the past, and we’ve had trouble getting the service started. As the areas with high numbers of reports are geographically distant from each other, it is also plausible that the problems are global.

No Meeting

Reuters knows that on Microsoft Teams, users can no longer send messages, join meetings or simply not use any of the features of the service. The meeting platform is used by 280 million people around the world. These are mainly professional users and schools.

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