London Covid: Zero deaths recorded in capital for first time in six months

London Covid: Zero deaths recorded in capital for first time in six months

London recorded zero Covid-19 deaths yesterday for the first time since September 2020.

This figure relates to deaths within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test – and this is the first time zero deaths have been recorded in London in six months .

The positive news comes after very tough winter with many people sadly lost to the virus in the second wave.

While this figure will not stay flat, especially because there tends to be a delay in reporting deaths over the weekend, it is likely to be a result of cases continuing to fall across the capital as well as more and more people getting their Covid vaccine.

It is worth noting that this overall figure of zero deaths recorded for London on Sunday, March 28 comes from the official government data.

Sometimes reported deaths in hospitals can be higher than the official government figure, which can lead to conflicting numbers.

We have therefore also looked at the borough-by-borough breakdown of Covid deaths, which does show there were a few on Sunday, albeit not many.

The total number of Covid deaths in London is now at 15,413, according to the latest government figures.

This is the total number of deaths of people who have had a positive test result for Covid-19 and died within 28 days of the first positive test.

The total number of deaths in London, where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate, is 18,708.

According to Public Health England , the borough Hounslow currently has the highest weekly cases rate per 100,000 in London.

Hounslow has 68 cases per 100,000, followed by Barking and Dagenham with 66 and Hillingdon with 58.

Over 2.8 million people in London have received their first dose of a Covid vaccine, according to latest figures up to and including March 21, 2021.

Yesterday, 402 new people tested positive for COVID-19 in the capital.

According to latest government data, Havering is the London borough with the highest total number of Covid-19 deaths with 832.

This is followed by Croydon with 802 deaths and Barnet with 741 deaths.