Greenwich is a UK hotspot for burglary reports

Greenwich is a UK hotspot for burglary reports

The statistics from show crime reports which have occurred between March and August 2021.

Greenwich is the eighth highest out of ten neighbourhoods with the most reported burglaries during that period.

A total of 48 burglaries have been reported in Greenwich.

The town is the only south London borough on the list.

The data is an analysis of more than three million crime reports made during that year.

Leeds tops the rank with 68 burglary reports within its neighbourhoods.

The neighbourhoods with the most burglary reports:

Leeds: 68

Derby: 63

Stockton-on-Tees: 57

Westminster: 56

Rotherham: 55

City of London: 54

Doncaster: 54

Greenwich: 48

Hackney: 48

Middlesbrough: 47