Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman: Vigil held for murdered sisters

Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman: Vigil held for murdered sisters

Family and friends have gathered at a vigil in the north-west London park where two sisters were murdered.

Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, were stabbed at Ms Henry’s birthday party last June by a man who thought he may win the lottery if he killed them.

People lit candles and laid flowers at the event, organised by campaign group Reclaim These Streets, on what would have been Ms Smallman’s 29th birthday.

MPs and the Mayor of London also attended the vigil.

Mother Mina Smallman, a retired Church of England cleric, said she wanted it to be a celebration of her daughters’ lives and proceedings began with Brent North MP Barry Gardiner singing Amazing Grace.

In a speech to the gathered crowds, Ms Smallman said: “As a teacher and a priest I have given my life over to raising boys and girls that people looked down on and didn’t think that they could be anybody.

“Now I’m doing it for my girls and I’m doing it for every one of the girls here.

“I am so tired of old, grey, boring white men telling us how to live our lives.

“You know nothing changes because they still have the power, they still call the shots.

“We haven’t really gone through the glass ceiling, they’ve just put a concrete one up. Well, we’re bringing in the bulldozers. We’re calling it out.”

The vigil was also attended by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and MPs Dawn Butler and David Lammy.

Steve Selley, a family friend of Ms Smallman, praised the support shown at the vigil.

He said: “This is exactly what it should have been like at the start.

“Exactly where we are today with this now should have been done last year and that’s what hurts.”