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Notre Dame Cathedral to be Rebuilt Without Modern Touches

Notre Dame Cathedral to be Rebuilt Without Modern Touches

PARIS – Notre Dame Cathedral will be rebuilt just the way it stood before last year’s devastating fire.

No swimming pool or organic garden on the roof of the medieval Paris monument, or contemporary glass spire, or other modern twists. And to stay historically accurate, it will again be built with potentially toxic lead.

That’s the verdict reached by French President Emmanuel Macron, the cathedral’s present-day architects and the general in charge of the colossal reconstruction project for one of the world’s most treasured landmarks.

Macron, who wants Notre Dame reopened in time for the 2024 Olympics, had initially pushed for a contemporary touch atop the cathedral, prompting eye-catching proposals from architects around the world.

But Macron came around to the traditionalists’ argument, and approved reconstruction plans for the 12th century monument that were presented Thursday, according to a statement from the state agency overseeing the project.

The plan includes recreating th..

Greek Citizens Protest Proposed Law to Restrict Protests

Greek Citizens Protest Proposed Law to Restrict Protests

The Greek government is experiencing significant resistance as it seeks to pass a new law that would restrict the right to protest.

Violence erupted Thursday as an estimated 10,000 people gathered outside parliament in Athens to protest the new bill as it went to a preliminary vote.

According to The Associated Press, a group of protesters hurled gasoline bombs at riot police as the officers attempted to contain the rally with tear gas and flash grenades.

In total, more than 40 demonstrations were held across the country, many of them backed by a leading labor union affiliated with the opposing Greek Communist Party.

The largest public sector union, ADEDY, staged a walkout Wednesday and said it supported Thursdays protests.

“Well do everything possible to make sure it wont pass,” ADEDY member Odysseas Ntrivalas told Reuters.

Protests have plagued the Mediterranean nation for more than a decade, starting in late 2009 with the onset of the worldwide economic crisis.

Syntagma Square..