Top LatAm Entertainment Sites: YouTube Still Heading the List From Afar

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Top LatAm Entertainment Sites: YouTube Still Heading the List From Afar

What: We looked at the number of visitors at top websites to find out where Latin Americans (and particularly Mexicans) went searching for entertainment content in January 2018.
Why it matters: YouTube is still on top of the entertainment industry online for Latin Americans, and even more so for Mexicans.

Even though there's a myriad of entertainment options to choose from, consumers have proved that winners tend to stay on top. In January 2018, most Latin Americans visited YouTube, and the rest went to a variety of sites providing not only videos and movies but also music, games, and general entertainment content.

Top 10 entertainment websites in Latin America, January 2018

Total Audience, Home & Work, PC/Laptop Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience 191,289
Entertainment 161,198
1 YouTube 125,442
2 Netflix 32,813
3 Spotify 20,180
4 Webedia Sites 15,362
5 MSN Entertainment 15,181
6 Globo Entertainment 13,065
7 UOL Entertainment 11,564
8 iTunes 9,130
9 Fandom Powered by Wikia 7,298
10 CBS Interactive 6,896
    [Source: comScore]
  • From all users who visited websites in January, 84.2% looked at entertainment sites online.
  • Among those users, 77% went to YouTube, while 20% watched Netflix content. This means a 3% decrease for YouTube and a 2% increase for Netflix since December.
  • Spotify was right behind Netflix with 12.5% of users.
  • General entertainment sites including news, games, and videos like Webedia and MSN received 9.5% and 9.4% of users respectively.
  • Brazilian website Globo Entretenimiento was visited by 8% of Latin internet users looking for entertainment.
  • UOL Entretenimiento, another successful Brazilian website, received 7% of visits.
  • 5.6% of users visited iTunes.
  • Wikia Fandom Pages were visited by 4.5% of entertainment website users.
  • CBS Interactive entered January's ranking with 4.2% of visits.

Top 10 entertainment websites in Mexico, January 2018

Total Audience, Home & Work, All PC/Laptop and Mobile Devices Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience 68,613
Entertainment 62,484
1 YouTube 51,771
2 Spotify 14,618
3 VEVO 13,693
4 Netflix 12,910
5 Warner Music 11,411
6 Cinepolis Sites 7,430
7 Comcast NBCUniversal 6,443
8 Azteca Internet 5,888
9 VIX.COM 5,662
10 Webedia Sites 4,961
  • When looking specifically at Mexican audiences, we find that 91% of total internet users visited entertainment websites either on a PC or on their mobile devices, just the same amount as in December 2017.
  • YouTube is still the most successful entertainment website in Mexico; although with a decrease from 89.4% to 82.5% of users when compared to the previous month.
  • Following YouTube from afar was Spotify, with 23.3% of entertainment audiences.
  • VEVO was next behind Spotify with 21.9% of visits.
  • Netflix went down one spot with 20% of visits.
  • WarnerMusic, a website devoted to articles, news, and reviews, had 18.2% of entertainment viewership.
  • Mexican viewers showed interest in entertainment related to Cinema. 11.8% of viewers visited Cinepolis Sites, 1.2% more than the previous month.
  • Comcast NBCUniversal joined the list with 10.3% of visits.
  • The next two spots had very similar numbers of visitors. Azteca Internet received 9.4% and VIX.COM received 9% of viewers.
  • Webedia closed the ranking at the 10th spot with 7.9% of entertainment viewership.

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